Mother and Child Care Hospital

KANISHK Surgical and Super Speciality Hospital located centrally in Dehradun, as India’s leading healthcare centre for mother and child care in Dehradun. We are committed to provide quality service in Mother & Child Healthcare which directs us to lays in equilibrium with the absolute areas of medical expertise based on Mother and Child Healthcare.

Kanishk Hospital in Dehradun offers complete specialist care that falls for Mother and Child health needs. Provide catholic mother and child care services accompanying with the state of art, science technology and concerned care to guard them from high risk pregnancy, pediatric and gives complete support services.
All those care and support that allied to mother and child health needs  can be fulfill through the specialized healthcare programs to provide them extra care, support and services.

Below are the range of programs that we provide in Mother and Child Care Service. Check them out before you go to consider our services.

Our Mother & Child Healthcare Department comprising Obstetrics & Gynecology, Baby care/Toddler Care, Neonatology & Pediatrics.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Specialize in the Gynecological Surgeries, General Medical Care of women, as well as care related to pregnancy and the reproductive tract.
Mother care in Hospital in Dehradun specialize in the management of hormonal disorders, treatment of infections, or treat pelvic organ and urinary tract problems to include cancer of the reproductive organs.  Hence, our medical expertise’s have been specialized with all these programs that is effective within the healthcare solutions.
Neonatology & Pediatrics

Kanishk hospital with Neonatology program gives an intensive care which is specifically designed to care for ill baby and accommodate with the critical situation.  Our team of expertise has the capability to manage neonates with most complicated & high risk conditions. Comprises with all those possible end results, our medical expertise makes a successful medical treatment with all those aspects of the Mother and Child Healthcare services. Mother and Child Healthcare in Kanishk Hospital concerns advance life-support for dealing with the most complex delivery conditions.

Baby care/Toddler Care

Mother and Child Care Department in Kanishk Hospital has a team of specialists to take care of Mother and Child Health. Program will be organized and supported by the experts and counselors.

With all those expert advice and support of counseling Obstetrician, Neonatologist/Pediatrician, Program of Baby care is being held empowered under the training, specialist advice and information.

We welcome you to visit our Super Speciality Hospital for Mother and Child Care in Dehradun. You can contact us for any query, we will revert you back within an assessment of 24 hours.

Kanishk Hospital is the best Gynecology and Maternity hospital in Dehradun providing world-class treatment & healthcare services in Dehradun, India. Our medical expertise’s have been specialized with all these programs that are effective within all kind of healthcare services.