General Physician


Dr.Dipen Rajendrakumar Patel-

Qualification: MD General Medicine

Experience: 6 yrs experience as a General Physician

Kanishk hospital has one of the best professional highly trained teams of doctors, nurses. The latest technology and high-end equipment are used for the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases. One of the physician services available to manage all types of general sickness and chronic health problems like diabetes, abdominal diseases, hypertension, heart diseases, rheumatological diseases, acute illnesses like respiratory infections, bacterial/ viral infections, seasonal sicknesses, allergies, and infections diseases. almost all the medical facilities are available to treat various different diseases as follows,  TB, pneumonia, bronchitis, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, thyroid, metabolic disorders, kidney disease, infections, etc. Kanishk hospital provides you the best treatment with a 100% success rate. Knaishk is rated as one of the best hospitals in Uttrakhand. Kanishk hospital provides you the best health check-up, routine care like immunizations and physical examination, and access to treat many different illnesses and diseases.

Kanishk hospital assured for best treatment and diagnosis of disease.

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