Pathology Lab in Dehradun


We have a fully Computerised Pathology Laboratory which consists of different departments

Pathology is a branch of restorative science essentially concerning the examination of organs, tissues, and natural liquids so as to make a determination of disease. A pathologist is a doctor who thinks about body liquids and tissues.

Pathology Lab in Dehradun

Dehradun is leading for best hospitals for different treatments. In a series of different pathology labs, KANISHK HOSPITAL is containing the top one Pathology lab in Dehradun. If you are searching for best pathology lab in Dehradun you should stop searching here because we are in the top list of the pathology labs in Dehradun.

To know about other information we will let you know what pathology is :

Pathology is the study of diagnosis of disease or pathology is a branch of science which examines the different types of body fluids, cells, tissues and surgically removed organs by the test. Pathology contains laboratories to examine different diagnosis of diseases.

There are some types of pathology which recognize different disease by the test in pathology lab:

Anatomical pathology: This recognizes the tissues and body organs which are taken from the body and sent to the lab.

Clinical pathology: This contains body fluids and recognizes the diseases by analyzing cells.

Molecular pathology: This pathology includes the test of body cells at the molecular level.

Forensic pathology: This includes determination of the cause of death.

Why choose us?

The pathology lab in Dehradun in KANISHK HOSPITAL does the different common test of diseases like the screening of cancer, liver diseases, blood abnormalities, heart diseases etc at high level standard diagnostic tools. Pathology recognizes the diagnosis of disease so that treatment can be providing further.

For the best pathology lab in Dehradun in KANISHK is providing experienced and highly qualified staff, having high-quality diagnostic tools for different tests. As there are many pathology labs in Dehradun but the main factor which makes KANISHK HOSPITAL PATHOLOGY LAB on top is the affordable cost and quality of diagnosis test tools. For best services and affordable cost pathology lab in Dehradun, KANISHK HOSPITAL is best as compare to others.


We provide services for monthly and daily health checkups with higher standard tools on basis of gender, age, and history of the patient. For being the best pathology lab in Dehradun we use new technologies, automation initiative, high-quality tools, experienced and educated staff. Also, we provide the different services like blood testing, thyroid testing etc. The test results don’t take much time in pathology lab so that the reorganization of the disease can be proceeding further.

If best pathology lab in Dehradun concludes different pathology labs, KANISHK is best to choose for checkups and test with affordable price and best services.


Department of Clinical Biochemistry
Immunology, Hormonal Assay & Tumor Marker
Cellular Pathology


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