Facilities Overview

KANISHK Radiology Group is a team of leading Radiologists located across geographies and connected on a virtual platform. The team is handpicked to bring together the best minds from various reputed institutions and diverse geographical backgrounds. This diversity in skill sets, backgrounds and experience moulds the team into the most exhaustive Imaging support for clinicians across the world

KANISHK Hospital Radiology Group makes its expertise available for healthcare providers across borders who utilize this network of imaging professionals for the benefit of their patients

KANISHK Hospital Radiology Group strives to deliver accurate and clinically relevant interpretations. A unique operations model hones the team’s diagnostic skills by ensuring exposure to rare and complex cases from across the Nation. All radiologists associated with the group are based in hospitals which allows for regular interactions with surgeons and medical practitioners for diagnostic decisions and keep the focus on clinical relevance of the interpretations

The group undertakes a comprehensive research and academic program that keeps the group up to date on the latest in the field of radiology and promotes expertise in niche areas of Medical imaging.

(24x7) : 0135 2670040

📱 (24x7) : +91 9760 432 293