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Anesthesia & Pain Management

The Division of Pain Management in the Department of Anesthesiology offers a full spectrum of treatment options for preventing and treating both acute pain (pain experienced in the aftermath of surgery) and chronic pain (pain caused by a chronic condition that requires regular treatment).


Acute Pain Treatment

For acute pain, a team of physicians offers the latest in patient-centered treatment including:

  • IV-PCA
  • Epidural and continuous nerve blocks
  • Ultrasound-guided blocks

Epidural Analgesia

  • Highly effective and recommended for larger surgeries including orthopedics, lung, and abdominal surgery
  • Through a needle placed in your back temporarily, a catheter is placed so that medication can be continuously given.
  • Although this involves a procedure before surgery, it often has better outcomes than IV-PCA alone.
  • This too is connected to a computer and pump to allow for extra doses in a controlled, safe manner.

Regional Anesthesia

Another method of pain relief is the administration of a nerve block and/or placement of a catheter near a nerve with continuous infusion of pain medicine.

Chronic Pain Treatment

Chronic Pain conditions are variable and often complex. For those that suffer from chronic pain, the Weill Cornell Pain Medicine Center may be able to help. To find out about the conditions we treat and the services we offer, please visit the Division of Pain Management’s homepage.

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