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General surgery department deals with various surgical pathologies. Our surgical team of experts are very skilled and well experienced. Our surgical department provides facilities for almost all kinds of general surgeries of thyroid gland, breast diseases surgery, gall bladder, spleen and liver surgeries, Abdominal, inguinal and femoral hernioplasty and surgical treatment of various cysts. Also, biopsies of lymph nodes including excisions and fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) are routinely performed here.

Furthermore, we have dedicated surgical department specially for gastrointestinal surgeries including Intestinal surgeries for obstruction, chronic infections (intestinal typhilitis, tuberculosis) and perforations, megacolon; other intestinal structural and functional abnormalities. Surgeries of esophagus and stomach such as hiatus hernia and esophageal achalasia are successfully performed.

At kanishk surgical and super specialty hospital, we take pride in providing one of the best advanced fully equipped Operation theatre (OT) handled by a team of surgical professionals, anesthetists, physicians, OT technicians and nurses. Our OT is maintained round the clock with aseptic techniques, sterilizations according to NABH standards and guidelines

Laparoscopic surgery:-

Its is technique wherein the surgeries are performed with minimal invasion with instruments inserted through a very minor hole-like incision over the abdomen. Surgeries such a Cholecystectomy (gall bladder stones surgery), appendectomy, colon surgery, stomach surgery and anti-reflux surgeries are performed successfully with laparoscopy. No scars, minimal bleeding, minimal chance of infection, least complications are all the benefits of laparoscopic surgeries and we at KSSH operated almost all the cases laparoscopically.

General surgeries treatment:-

  • Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy and appendectomy, Hiatus hernia surgery
  • Breast surgeries for biopsies, cyst removal, abscess incision and drainage, Mastectomy, lumpectomy, Mastopexy and breast reduction
  • Thyroid surgeries for biopsies, nodular goiter, benign adenomas.
  • Lipoma and cyst removals over body
  • Intestinal and stomach surgeries for Obstruction; infectious structural and functional surgical treatment.
  • Hemorrhoids surgical treatment.
  • Phimosis surgical treatment- Circumcision
  • Hernioplasty for Inguinal, femoral and various abdominal hernias
  • Treatment for Cellulitis, Carbuncles and Furuncles
  • Parasitic and other lymphadenitis conservative and surgical treatment.
  • Liver abscess - excision, incision and drainage.
  • Our surgical department provides excellent surgical treatment to patients requiring either of the planned or emergency surgeries with optimal pre-operative, and post-operative care.

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    Dr. Mukesh Kumar Gupta

    Dr. Mukesh Kumar Gupta

    (M.S, M.Ch) Consultant Surgical Gastrenterology/G.I & Laparoscopic Surgeon

    "Our first & last aim is to provide very best of the best treatment to our patients according to our capabilities without any compromise. KSSH is all about providing excellent medical and surgical healthcare system and become best hospital in Uttarakhand. At KSSH health always comes first is our motto."

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