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Neurological problems are mostly very complicating with its direct impact on patient’s life and quality. Disabilities are very common and long term treatment can be very frustrating and costly. Our Neurosurgery department is skilled in treating almost all kinds of Brain tumors, debilitating strokes (especially hemorrhagic) and spinal nerves compression due to PIVD and spinal vertebrae pathologies. At KSSH Neurosurgery department, we are committed towards providing accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment of neuro-spine disorders. We also promote medical rehabilitation programs requiring long term therapies, especially for bedridden patients and patients who have limited activities (temporary or permanent) due to the disease.

At KSSH, our Neuro-Spine department is fully equipped for any kind of emergencies such as hemorrhagic strokes and hematomas (SDH, EDH), cerebral traumas, Intracranial bleed, Brain tumors and metastasis, Spinal tumors and nerves compression and other cerebral and spine pathologies.

Expert treatment available for:-

  • Cerebrovascular Strokes – Hemorrhagic and Ischemic, TIAs
  • Brain and Spine tumors, Prolactinomas and Schwannomas
  • Intracranial bleed- Aneurysms, Traumas, Chronic SDH, Epidural hematomas
  • Infection’s of Brain and Spine
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Spine surgeries for nerve compression and canal stenosis.

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