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One of the most essential and widely used facilities for Investigations are available at our Radiology department. For radiodiagnosis KSSH has Computer Tomography (CT) scan with and without contrast (oral, IV and rectal), Triple Phase Computer tomography, Computer tomography Pulmonary angiogram and High resolution CT thorax. Also, Computer tomography guided procedures ( pleural and ascites tapping) and biopsies (of Lymph nodes and tissues) are performed here. We have advanced Computer tomography services available 24/7 at KSSH.

Also, we have X ray (Chest, abdomen, different bones and joints structure, head, Paranasal sinuses, etc.), Bone marrow density scan and Ultrasonography facility available. Ultrasonography of abdomen includes Liver, spleen, intestines, appendix, gall bladder, urinary bladder, kidneys and ducts; are routinely performed. For males, Ultrasonography of Prostate, seminal vesicles, scrotum including testes; for females, Ultrasonography of Uterus, Ovaries, fallopian tubes; facilities are available at our radiodiagnosis department. Transvaginal sonography is performed under the guidance of Gynecologist with strict follow of protocols. Pregnancy and fetal Ultrasonography are performed following strict guidelines of PNDT act of India. Ultrasonography guided procedures such as pleural and ascites tapping are routinely performed and samples are sent for analysis. We have also introduced color Doppler imaging to see for blood flow or clots or thrombosis in any part of the body.

At KSSH, we are committed to provide one of the best CT scan, Ultrasonography and X ray services in the state of Uttarakhand with procedures with advance techniques following appropriate guidelines.

Radiology and Imaging Services

  • Computer Tomography (CT) scan with and without contrast
  • Triple Phase Computer tomography
  • High resolution CT thorax
  • Pleural and Ascites Tapping
  • advanced Computer tomography
  • X ray (Chest, abdomen, different bones and joints structure, head, Paranasal sinuses, etc.)
  • Bone marrow density scan
  • Ultrasonography facility
  • Transvaginal sonography
  • Color Doppler Imaging

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