Your Checklist For Small Business Mobile App Development


It is important that the value of your app is clearly communicated. Your pricing strategy is a cornerstone for the future of your product. The point is – they know how much different apps are supposed to cost. You can use in-house developers or freelancers for some of the workloads.

app development checklist

After you have identified your target audience and what they are looking for, you need to figure out different ways to address them. You need a successful marketing plan that will work for your app and your team. By better understanding the realities, you can better plan your project. Affiliate marketing to social advertising to creating a website designed to promote your app. The right marketing plan will increase app installs while also constantly engaging your users in order to expand your customer conversion and retention rates. With this, you have the complete checklist for developing a mobile app. But there is one element that is still left to be worked on and that is your app brand.

Using An App Development Checklist

The first time after launching the app, you need to collect user feedback to know where and how you can improve your app. We live in a crazy world where everything changes so quickly. Your app must meet the expectations of your target audience to remain interesting and attract new users. Therefore, first of all, decide who will support your mobile app, prepare updates, and make sure that there are no errors. In many ways, the platform on which an app will run depends on the geography of its distribution. If you decide that the bulk of our users live in the United States, for example, you can choose developing an app for iOS, this platform is most used in the region. Whereas in most European countries, Android is in the first place.

Mobile App development is one of the industries that is growing with the pace of mobile technology penetration in the world. As more people get access to mobile phones more problems arise that need app solutions. My main advice for you is to be suspicious with very cheap offers.

  • Eveloping an app for your business can be challenging without the right strategy in place.
  • In-app purchases can be effective, as they allow users to download the app for free and then decide whether to buy things that will enhance the app experience.
  • After answering all these questions about your buyer persona, you will learn how to conduct marketing and sales activities.
  • Choosing a platform, you can decide on the type of your app.
  • The Sumo Logic App Intelligence Partner Program allows trusted Sumo Logic partners to build Sumo Logic applications that are part of the official Sumo Logic app catalog.
  • Startups that scale efficiently grow twenty times faster than those that don’t.

Before entrusting someone with the responsibility of building your app, perform a background check and measure their capabilities. Native apps are built using specific technologies like Java and Swift for platforms such as Android and iOS, respectively.

How To Choose The Right Mobile App Development Partner?

Set a concrete set of goals that you want to accomplish with your app, whether it’s the actual increase of sales or boosting customer engagement. Post-development deployment paves the way for optimal mobile app marketing.

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Below, we have a development checklist that’ll help you to cover all important elements required. Like in other kinds of taxi app developers software development, app development follows a life cycle of planning, building, designing, testing, and deployment.

Mobile App Development Checklist For 2020

Thus, comprehensive knowledge about these checklists is essential for architecting a flawless and universally acceptable web app or website for your business. Click here to know about the robust JavaScript frameworks for crafting web apps. This check is an exhaustive one and categorizes items based on high, medium, or low priority requirements. Whether the company you partner with can maintain this is crucial.

app development checklist

Your goal is to have an icon with colors that contrast, as well as a clear color palette. The formula to a great icon is easy to Programmer remember, simple, and with a clear palette. Naturally, the majority of apps rely on the availability of an Internet connection.

Set up an email and/or phone number just for customer support! Also, don’t forget social media – Facebook and Twitter are used heavily for customer relations. App store keyword research and mobile SEO are super important for the success of your app distribution. You can research your keywords manually or use a keyword suggestion tool. Understanding the market will be of great help to you during the first steps.

The Essential Pre-launch Checklist for Your Website comprises functionality, design elements, cross-browser testing, content editing, and SEO. Technical documentation describing the app will be hosted on the partner’s website. Partner fills in the App Launch Sheet and send to for approval. As new versions of iOS are released every year, the older platforms become obsolete fast. Therefore, with the combined adoption rate of over 94 percent, the two latest versions, namely iOS 9 and iOS 10, are currently dominating the market. While the global mobile market is dominated by two main platforms, Apple’s iOS and Android by Google, the adoption of each one of them varies greatly from country to country. Since its launch back in 2008, the Apple App Store has seen a total of 130 billion iOS app downloads.

Developers need to design user-friendly and compatible applications for them to run in the market. Mobile app testing guarantees that the mobile activity is influential, without the concern of what sort of app is being used or what platform it is designed for. She is focused on delivering high quality software solutions for Web, iOS, Android and Windows application environments. She has also catered start-up companies who are seeking for a high level of technical expertise in a very cost effective budget. However, fulfilling all the aforesaid factors becomes quite complicated and time-consuming. Hence, chances of lapses are likely; specifically, if your team is inexperienced or in a hurry to complete a project within the set timeline. Therefore, the web development team should maintain a checklist of the essential tasks; to avoid any misses.

After intense testing, the team gains feedback and needs to decide on an approach for the next stage. Before they were created, people like you were wondering where to start and what the process was like. Now, all you need is a cup of coffee and this mobile app checklist. The idea is not to build an app because others are doing it.

On the flip side, using them too often can be annoying and turn users off. Having an early strategy in place to elegantly utilize notifications and optimizing as your user base grows is a nice feature that can set your app apart from the sea of competitors. Have you come across any roadblocks while web app development? Do share your experiences in the comments section below and let us know in case of further queries. We have compiled a list of 9 points to Fastrack your app development journey and quickly brainstorm through each of the levels you’ll be going through. In both instances, make sure you know what your budget could handle. For your final product, having the right people to do the job is a challenge that it heavily relies on.

app development checklist

Fewer clicks and touches are preferred by the users to complete any given task. Both mobile SEO and app store keyword research are critical for successful app distribution. You can manually do keywords research, or use a keyword suggestion tool. If you need funding for your app idea, you have to develop a financial plan and choose the right funding method.

Having the discussion with your development team early will mitigate risk and save you from any potential data breaches or security mishaps. While iOS apps tend to have a strong focus on UI, event-driven programming is one of the key paradigms to follow. It presupposes that specific events, triggered by user actions or sensor outputs, determine the flow of the app.

This was an app where customers could order drinks in bars from their mobile phones, meaning that they didn’t have to queue at the bar or wait for someone to come and take their order. The last question on this list revolves around maintenance and updates. Apps require regular maintenance to ensure compatibility with operating systems. If an app is not regularly updated, it will eventually not be able to run with the operating system, since operating systems are periodically updated. Companies can either choose to outsource app maintenance or can hire an employee in-house to complete the task. Either way, there needs to be funding for updates, design refreshes, feature additions, cybersecurity, and more.

Or use paid services – they will take some of your workloads off your shoulders. When your product has passed all the tests successfully, you can set a date and work hard to make it happen. Don’t forget to inform your audience about any change in the schedule. The goal is to optimize your app so it ranks higher in the marketplace. App store optimization is the backbone of app launch strategies.

There are two major platforms in the mobile app arena, Apple’s iOS App Store, and Google’s Play Store. Both have over 5 million apps on the platform, which have more than 1.5 billion users interacting with their apps. You most definitely need a website as part of the marketing strategy. It actively drives your customers to your Google Play and App Store page. Inform your audience on your app’s progress, which is another wonderful way of promoting it. However, the work does not end once your app is deployed and installed by the end user. Having implemented the reporting and analytics tools on top of you core app logic, you can see how your customers interact with the product.

However, the anonymity of messages within the app was soon abused, with teenagers using it to cyberbully other teenagers, as well as to send bomb threats to their schools. If the founders had identified this as a potential risk at the start, they could have taken action to put safety measures in place sooner. The founder admitted that he hadn’t asked his target audience if they would pay for the service, and if so, how much they were willing to pay. Here are three of these apps, and why they weren’t successful. If you decide that the app is not a viable idea, then you can abandon the project without having wasted too much money or resources.

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