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With 23 years of experience, Dr SC Chamoli is a super specialist exclusively in the field of Radio diagnosis. His core areas of interests are:

Ultrasound- Abdomen, Superficial, Soft Tissue, Fibro-scan, USG Guided/CT Guided FNAC, USG Guided/CT Guided Biopsy, Color Doppler Ultrasound, and USG carotid, Thyroid, USG Fetal wellbeing- Early, NT-NB Scan, and Level Two USG Color Doppler.

CT- CT Scan Whole body 3D-4D, Angiography, Triple phase CT, CT Enteroclysis, CT Guided Pigtail Drainage.

He is specialized in the Procedure of USG Guided Ascitic Drainage, Pleural Fluid Drainage, Liver Abscess Drainage, Collection Drainage, Ultrasound Guided Pigtail Drainage. Also specialized in Reporting Whole Body CT, Contrast Enhanced CT, CT Angiography including cerebral, aortogram, peripheral angiography and High-Resolution CT of thorax and temporal bone.

Area of Interest:

  1. Ultrasound Abdomen
  2. Fibro Scan
  3. USG Guided/CT Guided FNAC
  4. USG Guided/CT Guided Biopsy
  5. Color Doppler Ultrasound
  6. USG Fetal wellbeing- Early, NT-NB Scan, and Level Two USG Color Doppler
  7. CT Scan Whole body 3D-4D
  8. Angiography
  9. Triple phase CT
  10. CT Enteroclysis
  11. CT Guided Pigtail Drainage
  12. X- Ray Reporting

Dr SC Chamoli is MBBS, MD (Radio diagnosis) consultant with total experience of 23 years in the field of Radio diagnosis. He has an expertise in various Diagnostic Procedures like Ultrasound, CT scan, X-Ray Reporting, etc. The Department of Radiology at Kanishk Hospital, Dehradun is dedicated to high quality medical imaging and sub specialized interpretation of those images.

Consultant Radiologist
M.D Radiodiagnosis
Kanishk Hospital – I.S.B.T Road, Main, Haridwar Bypass Rd, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
+91 9410550980/ 0135 2670040

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