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The Department of Respiratory/ Pulmonology & Sleep Medicine deals with the diseases affecting the lungs and the respiratory system. It has the capability for the evaluation & management of the entire range of acute & chronic respiratory diseases such as Asthma and respiratory allergies, COPD, ILD, Lung cancer, Auto immune disorders, sleep related disorders and chest wall disorders. The department is integrated with the department of critical care in order to provide comprehensive care to patients requiring life support.

Being a specialist in Pulmonary/ Respiratory Medicine, Dr. Samarth is known for his discipline and patient-centric management. He is well versed with latest technologies and has been doing multiple bronchoscopic interventions with expertise.

Dr Samarth has completed his MBBS from HIMS, Jolly grant, Dehradun, UK, in 2007 and MD from Shri Ram Murti Smarak Institute of Medical Sciences, Bareilly. Before joining Kanishk Hospital, he has worked as Consultant Respiratory Medicine in Velmed Hospital, Dehradun.

He is well versed in various Emergency Critical Care techniques, USG guided procedures & Lumbar Puncture, Bronchoscopy, Diffusion Studies etc. He has a wide understanding and up to the mark skills for managing critically ill patients of Respiratory Intensive Care, Cardiac Critical Care, Critical Care Nephrology, Neuro Critical Care, General Intensive Care, Obstetrics Critical Care, Toxicology, Post-Operative, Oncology, Palliative Care, COVID and End of life care.

Area of Interest:

  1. Emergency Critical Care techniques like Central venous line insertion, Hemodialysis line insertion, Arterial line insertion, Intubation and Mechanical ventilation
  2. Percutaneous tracheotomy, temporary pace maker insertion
  3. Hemodynamic Monitoring
  4. USG guided procedures & Lumbar Puncture
  5. USG Thorax
  6. ECHO
  7. Bronchoscopy (TBNA, TBLB, Bronchial wash, Bronchial Biopsy)
  8. Pleural Tapping, Pleural Biopsy, Intercostal drainage tube insertion
  9. Diffusion Studies (Spirometry, DLCO) & FENO
(MBBS, MD, FCCM, IAPC) Consultant Pulmonologist
Kanishk Hospital – I.S.B.T Road, Main, Haridwar Bypass Rd, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
+91 9410550980/ 0135 2670040

Specialist in Respiratory Medicine and Critical Care with more than 10 years of experience. Highly qualified intensive care specialists are available round the clock. Apart from the expertise the department is well equipped with the latest diagnostic & therapeutic technologies in the field of respiratory care.




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