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At Kanishk Surgical & Super Specialty Hospital, we have a dedicated Nephrology department to treat various kidney diseases and pathologies. Our renal department includes one of the best nephrologist in town with a team of doctors who are highly skilled. Nephrology department facilities include Dialysis-Hemodialysis, SLED, CRRT, CAPD; Kidney Transplantation work-up, Vascular Access Placement; Kidney Biopsy. Here, we have treatment options for various diseases of kidneys – Glomerulonephritis, Autoimmune nephritis and nephropathy, Diabetic kidney diseases, Chronic kidney diseases, Acute renal injury, Renal failure, End-stage renal disease. Also, kidney infections such as pyelonephritis, Urosepsis and other diseases are successfully treated.

Furthermore, we have solutions and treatment options for complications occurring with the progression in renal diseases including anemia, recurrent infections, uremic encephalopathy, Hypercoagulable state, uncontrolled hypertension, volume overload, acidosis and cardiovascular complications. Nephrology department deals with many other complications and injuries to kidneys arising from different diseases. Below are few areas of expertise and facilities provided.

Your kidneys are vital organs that filter fluid and waste out of your blood, and you cannot live without them. Diseases that lower your kidney’s ability to clean your blood can affect only the kidneys, or harm other parts of your body too. These health conditions can cause chronic kidney disease or kidney failure.


Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is when lasting damage to your kidneys causes them to lose their ability to filter waste and fluid out of your blood. Waste can build up in your body and harm your health. This damage–and your kidney function–can get worse over time, and when your kidneys stop working completely, this is called kidney failure or end-stage renal disease.


Glomerulonephritis is when the small filters (glomeruli) in your kidneys that clean your blood are damaged and lose their ability to excrete waste and fluids. Over time, this can lead to kidney failure. Many health problems can cause glomerulonephritis and treatment depends on the cause.

AHUS (atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome)

AHUS is a very rare genetic disorder (running in families) that causes small blood clots to form in your body’s small blood vessels. These particles can block blood flow to your kidneys and other organs and cause damage. Most people with AHUS have no symptoms. For people with symptoms, it usually starts after a “traumatic event,” such as pregnancy or cancer..

Polycystic Kidney Disease

Lupus Nephritis

Lupus nephritis is an autoimmune disease (a disease that causes your immune system to attack its tissues) leading to pain, swelling and damage throughout your body, including your kidneys. This can lead to chronic kidney disease or kidney failure. The exact cause of lupus nephritis is unknown, but with treatment most people with lupus can reduce their symptoms and prevent serious kidney damage.

IgA Nephropathy

IgA nephropathy is a disease that causes the proteins made by your immune system to build up in your kidneys and damage the glomeruli. This process over years can damage the glomeruli, and people with IgA often do not know they have it. Over time, IgA nephropathy can lead to chronic kidney disease. With initial screening, early check-up and prophylactic measures the process can be reduced and even stopped.

Exclusive Expertise and Successful treatment for: –

  1. Kidney infections, renal stones and Pyelonephritis
  2. Acute and Chronic renal diseases
  3. Glomerulonephritis and other autoimmune kidney problems (lupus nephritis, IgA Nephropathy and others)
  4. Hypertensive and diabetic nephropathy and kidney diseases and its complications
  5. End-stage kidney diseases, Renal failure and Acute renal injury
  6. Dialysis -hemodialysis, SLED, CRRT, CAPD and Vascular access procedures
  7. Kidney transplant work-up and counseling

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